Mayfair Providence

Executive coaching for family business owners and leaders


Mayfair Providence provides personalised, executive coaching to owners and leaders of family firms, helping them to master the unique challenges of running their businesses, managing wealth and planning for future generations.

Having inherited, developed and successfully sold my own family firm, I am committed to using my personal and professional expertise to assist owners in maximising the potential of their businesses and their family relationships.

In particular, I find that family firms are ideally situated to become innovators in their fields, so leveraging their strategic agility to create value and develop their workforce.

I believe that the most successful changes begin at the individual level. Executive coaching provides family firm leaders with an appropriate and sensitive environment in which to address specific issues of concern, supporting them to deliver results in their organisations as well as developing fulfilling lives outside the office.

Every family is different and my coaching packages can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

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With all best wishes for you and your family’s success,

Victoria Green